Green Technology

The AviHome™ plenum system takes commercial poultry production to a whole new level of environmental stewardship.

  1. Eco-Friendly

    Naturally reduces air and ground water pollution by preventing ammonia emissions and stopping the potential for ground seepage through its zero-discharge system design.

  2. Litter-less

    Our plenum system eliminates the need for wood shavings or other bedding materials which are a limited and costly resource. By eliminating the use of bedding materials we also eliminate the associated transportation and disposal costs.

  3. Recycled Plastics

    Our engineering polymer flooring system is an excellent way to incorporate recycled materials thus reducing waste into the landfills.

  4. Energy Efficient

    The plenum system insulates the poultry house from the natural heat sink generated by the damp ground or concrete, significantly improving energy efficiency.

  5. Bacterial/Mold Resistance

    The polymer flooring does not absorb anything so it cannot proliferate any more pathogens or bacteria than the dirt floors used today.

Return On Green Investment (ROGI)

Improved feed conversion and reduced grow-out time by eliminating ammonia production and creating a cleaner, drier environment.

Reduce/Eliminate the cost of:

  • FEED
  • Heating and Ventilation Energy
  • Wood shavings or bedding materials
  • Antibiotics/ medications due to reduced pathogens, bacteria, mold, and ammonia related respiratory diseases
  • Biologicals due to reduced bacteria, mold, and ammonia related respiratory diseases
  • Transportation and processing manure due to no bedding and reduced moisture
  • Darkling Beetle control