AviHome™ Technology

AviHome™ Revolutionary Floor Design

The AviHome™ flooring system has a highly engineered design that virtually eliminates litter use and ammonia production in poultry houses. Our patent pending breakthrough technology uses plenum ventilation beneath the birds to dry the feces enough to prevent any significant ammonia production and limit bacterial activity.

With its durable design, the flooring can be cleaned and reused between flocks unlike dirt and litter where you play an expensive balance game between replacement and bird health/ ammonia. Even concrete flooring has a high pH and can cause plenty of other issues while not being able to prevent ammonia release. The specially designed cones of the bottom support tile can also support heavy equipment typically used on farms such as Bobcats® and Moffetts™ that are typically used on farms today.

Testing thus far has shown that because we are able to create a cleaner environment for the birds, we are able to improve feed efficiency and growth time substantially.

These videos demonstrate that the AviHome™ Flooring System is durable enough to withstand the stresses of heavy equipment used on farms today.

This video shows the flooring being scraped with a typical Bobcat®. Once scraped, the remaining matter can be gathered with a simple leaf blower.

When fully loaded, this 18,000 lb Bobcat® removes the complied material at the front of the house without damaging the Flooring System.