About AviHome™

AviHome™ is dedicated to bringing superior performance and value to the poultry industry though innovative eco-friendly products and systems.

Our vision is to revolutionize the poultry industry through fundamental innovation.

AviHome™ is a Maryland based company at the forefront of poultry housing technology. Through partnership and grant support from various organizations, we have developed a revolutionary system for commercial poultry production that addresses the environmental impact concerns facing the poultry industry. AviHome™ began as a research project to discover a solution to a long standing and growing concern in the poultry industry; ammonia emissions and runoff from chicken houses. Through government sponsorship and cooperative lab testing at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, we have developed a flooring system for production chicken houses that prevents ammonia production. . By creating an affordable, clean, and healthy environment for the birds, this allows the bird to grow faster and healthier, quicker.

This technology has been developed in partnership with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and is an excellent example of effective collaboration between industry and academia. All field testing has been performed at UMES utilizing their state of the art facilities under the supervision of their qualified and experienced faculty.

We call it revolutionary because it is a win, win, win, win, win, method for poultry production. The environment, the chickens, the farmer, the integrator, the consumer, the country, all benefit. The environment wins as it reduces litter, pollution, and waste. The chickens win as they’re now living in a better, cleaner, drier environment breathing cleaner air. The farmer wins as his growout time and performance yields are improved. The integrator wins as they can now be more competitive in markets with a higher quality, lower cost product. The consumer wins as they now have a healthier product to consume. The country wins as thousands of jobs will be created to retrofit existing chicken houses as well as open new markets to export meat and AviHome™ systems.

If you would like more information about the benefits of this "green" technology, please contact us.

Our Partners/Sponsors

Maryland Hawk University of Maryland Eastern Shore United States Department of Agriculture Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Maryland Industrial Partnerships Maryland Department of Natural Resources